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We've been getting lots of requests for new videos featuring "name" adult models and porn stars who smoke --- so here you go!

Martina Warren is an incredibly hot, internationally known 19-year old model, who was the cover model and centerfold in the January, 2003 issue of Penthouse. She's also a devoted smoker, smoking 1-2 packs a day since her early teens! And we're delighted that she agreed to shoot a smoking video exclusively for Second Hand Smoke!

The video opens with Martina sunbathing in the backyard, in a skimpy bikini, while enjoying a cigarette. And right from the start, it's obvious from her cheek-hollowing drags and the satisfied look on her face, that this is a girl who absolutely loves her cigarettes!

Next, Martina moves inside to show her glamorous side; wearing a sexy black dress that shows lots of skin, she smokes one cigarette while having a glass of wine. She then lights a second as she slowly drops the dress to smoke nude and very sensuously!

Finally, Martina chain-smokes while posing for us on top of the pool table, topless and in incredible leather pants and heels - really sexy stuff!

Even though she's only 19, there's no doubt that Martina has been an accomplished smoker for many, many years - with fabulous cheek-hollowing drags, and thick mouth and mouth/nose exhales, as well as a slight natural snap and a few dangles and double drags thrown in - you can tell it's her natural smoking style developed over years of smoking! And multiple cameras let you see it from every angle!

Whenever you see a gorgeous model on the cover of a major magazine, the first question you always ask is: "Does she smoke?" Well, here's the proof --- don't miss it!

Martina Warren - centerfold model

Nudity, ambient sound. 1 hour, 8 minutes. SALE! NOW JUST $25.00!

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