Second Hand Smoke


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You've probably seen Shannon Kelly before -
whether it's been on the cover of a fitness magazine, a car magazine,
or in the Playboy Playmate Search.
But from our perspective, none of her other apperances
do justice to this petite, well-built model.

That's because she's one of the most accomplished,
feminine smokers we've ever seen ---
she'd fit right in, in the glory days of female smoking elegance.
Shannon will only smoke Slims or Capris because they're "so feminine" -
and her style is elegant and exquisite, with open-mouth inhales,
snap inhales, or french inhales on almost every drag,
followed by thick, luxurious cone or nose exhales.

But Shannon has her nasty side as well;
she loves to get naked, and loves to play on camera -
while smoking, of course!

We see both sides of Shannon in this video.
First, the elegant side, as she enjoys several cigarettes with a glass of wine,
and then models her sexy lingerie in front of a mirror.
Then, her nasty side comes out, as she does a strip tease for us,
and then does two steamy masturbation scenes - one manual, and
one with a vibrator.

But even when Shannon is pleasuring herself, we still see
her exquisite smoking style on display - it's the best of both worlds!
Shannon is truly your dream smoking girl - don't miss this performance!

Nudity and sexual content. 48 minutes. SALE! NOW JUST $25.00!

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